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Reboot to Safe Mode Script

  • In the Kasyea Reboot to Safe mode with networking script I deployed to a customers machine yesterday I found I couldn't get the agent to appear online.

    The service was started but the icon not displayed and agent appearing offline in my console.

    Is there a trick to getting it to work, it rebooted to safe mode, but I had to then get one of my field techs to attend site to edit the boot.ini file to get the laptop out of safemode as I was unable to deploy the script to the user.

    Does Kaseya not work in safe mode? Am I not able to connect? Or does this script have a bug in it?

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  • I use kaseya in safe mode all the time, both on XP and Vista, so it definately works.

    Perhaps if you post your script, then we can work out whats going wrong with it.


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