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Modify Exchange SMTP virtual Server settings

  • This may be a longshot but...

    The exchange virtual server delivery settings (Time for delay, NDR). Any one know how to get at these without manually entering them.

    We want to make change across every exchange server.

    Thanks and my fingers are crossed.

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  • I don't know, but an idea comes to mind...use the GUI to change them to an odd value - such as 123 or 321 or 987. Then use REGEDIT and search the registry for the odd value. If you find a match, you found the Registry value. Then you can write a script to use Kaseya to modify the registry value on all machines running Exchange. You may also have to stop and start the SMTP service.

    Good luck.


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  • The settings you are looking for are in the IIS Metabase.


    C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv\MetaBase.xml, and can be edited directly if you wanted to. I.e with notepad

    You have to modify metadata information for IIS.
    There are two methods. Use IIS Resource kit - get it from Microsoft. And there was Metadata Explorer.
    Other way is to use adsutil.vbs from Intepub/Adminscripts

    With adsutil.vbs - from command prompt
    this will list settings for the first smtp instance.
    adsutil.vbs enum /SmtpSvc/1
    It is tree-like structure. You can view other paths if you use enum on higher node.
    There you will notice parameters
    You can set them with
    adsutil.vbs SET /SmtpSvc/1/BadMailDirectory "f:\forgotten_one"

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