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Getting "failed" when uploading generic "file" to VSA

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I'm really new to scripting and VSA so please pardon my ignorance. I'm trying to create a procedure to silently install an .msi (Mimecast Security Agent). Mimecast has information on the command line part for a silent install. Along with the .msi, a "CustomerKey" file is required during the install, and is a ".file" file.  I uploaded the .msi to VSA with no issue but when I try to upload the .file, it keeps failing with only "CustomerKey 0.2kB Failed"  message.

What am I missing?

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  • was having the same issue with a .exe file the other day, haven't checked it since - We loaded the file directly to our on-premise KServer (Won't be able to do this if you are Cloud Customer tho)

  • Upload it with an alternate extension (.txt or .bin) - does that work? If so, simply download it and then rename it in your procedure and don't worry about what it's called when stored in VSA. We do this all the time.

    Also - read the latest release notes - you might need to define allowed file types.

  • Thanks for the reminder regarding the 9.5.5 Feature Release notes.  Adding an extension to the new whitelist solved our upload issue.