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Agent Procedure to run and Add time to ticket?

  • We have newly moved over to Kaseya (BMS/VSA) I am creating my workflows to auto run agent procedures, the one thing I do not see clearly is how can I assign time to that agent procedure? or can I not? For instance, in our previous ticketing system, For instance if a server had only 20% left on say C: I would have a script run and bill 5 minutes to clean up temp files, etc to free space, we had an additional monitor at 15% incase the script was unable to completely clear up enough space that would trigger later and this would be assigned to a technician.

  • FYI - the ability to assign time to tickets from automation was put onto our development roadmap just this morning and should be part of our next quarterly release. Our RMM Suite* for VSA provides a Workflow Automation engine (ITP) that today can map any alarm to any agent procedure to attempt remediation. We can then submit a ticket into BMS, Autotask, or Manage via API, updating existing tickets or creating new tickets. New tickets can inject event and remediation specific workflow notes (one line or complete text file) with macro replacement into both the body and internal notes (independently). Tickets are associated to a client and asset, and classified (Issue + Sub-Issue). These notes will be able to contain macros that we will process and create a work-entry with the specified amount of time, marking the ticket as Complete or In Progress depending on whether the remediation was successful. Work is attributed to a virtual engineer.

    *The RMM Suite is an add-on product for Kaseya VSA allowing effective use of the VSA with minimal effort and virtually zero "programming".