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View Existing Schedule Details

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Does anyone have a good way to view the schedule details on an existing scheduled Agent Procedure? I know Pending Procedures in Quick View gives you a little info and Agent Procedure Status gives a little, but I would like to see the detailed recurrence settings on a schedule. The API just returns the same info that Pending Procedures does as well. I'm feeling dumb; how can you schedule something, but then not be able to see the schedule after the fact?

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  • Try this SQL Query.

    You might want to tweek it as required .. and maybe build a report around it etc addin filters on Script name or Machine etc ... but think it gives you all that you need

    SELECT     machGroup.reverseName, vMachine.machName, orgCalendarSchedule.startTimeFrom, orgCalendarSchedule.recurrenceType,

                         orgCalendarSchedule.recurringDaysInterval, orgCalendarSchedule.mondayFlag, orgCalendarSchedule.tuesdayFlag, orgCalendarSchedule.wednesdayFlag,

                         orgCalendarSchedule.thursdayFlag, orgCalendarSchedule.fridayFlag, orgCalendarSchedule.saturdayFlag, orgCalendarSchedule.sundayFlag,

                         orgCalendarSchedule.excludeTimeRange, orgCalendarSchedule.excludeTimeFrom, orgCalendarSchedule.excludeTimeTo, orgCalendarSchedule.skipIfOffline,

                         orgCalendarSchedule.rowDesc, orgCalendarSchedule.ScriptId, CASE

     WHEN vMachine.Osinfo LIKE '%Server%' THEN 'SVR'

     WHEN vMachine.OsType LIKE '%Mac%' THEN 'MAC'

     WHEN vMachine.OsType LIKE '%linux%' THEN 'SVR'

     WHEN vMachine.OsType not like '%Server%' THEN 'WKS'

     ELSE 'Unknown' END AS Machtype, vMachine.OsType, vMachine.OsInfo

    FROM         vMachine RIGHT OUTER JOIN

                         machGroup ON vMachine.groupName = machGroup.reverseName LEFT OUTER JOIN

                         orgCalendarSchedule ON vMachine.agentGuid = orgCalendarSchedule.agentGuid

    WHERE   orgCalendarSchedule.ScriptId > 9999

    AND (NOT (orgCalendarSchedule.rowDesc LIKE 'scanlan%'))

    ORDER BY machGroup.reverseName, vMachine.machName

  • Thank you! That is exactly what I was working on. You just saved me a few hours work.

    Would still be nice to have the UI provide this.