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Schedule Agent Procedure Software Deploy with different unique command line switches?

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If I have an agent procedure that has an unique identifier in the command line switch, scheduled to deploy to a bunch of endpoints, then schedule the procedure to run with a different identifier for another run?  Will the procedure that runs first maintain the unique identifier input when it was scheduled, or will it look at whats' currently there in the procedure at the time it runs and use the 2nd runs identifier?  



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  • I am not sure I fully understand the scenario but I will take a shot (Screenshots help).

    The first step > First identifier will always execute first.

    For example if my first 'identifier' in the script is the architecture of the endpoint (32 bit or 64 bit), the procedure will follow suit if it meets the criteria; or however you conducted the script.

    If 32 bit > uninstall with special switches > send prompt to user

    If 64 bit > uninstall with special switches > schedule reboot > send prompt to user.

    Basic example but hopefully this provides some insight.

  • Thanks for the reply Oscar.  Here's a little more clarification.

    Agent Procedure Example text:

    executeFile ("#agentDrv#temp\WindowsSoftware", "/install /quiet /norestart CID=ABCDEFG1234

    On Saturday, schedule the agent procedure for Monday AM at 8

    Can I edit the same procedure and change the CID

    executeFile ("#agentDrv#temp\WindowsSoftware", "/install /quiet /norestart CID=CDEFGH7890 and schedule that to run against a different set of endpoints Monday AM at 8 as well?

    When the agent procedure runs On Monday AM will both run with the same CID?  I'm trying to avoid having multiple copies of the same Agent Procedure, as I have to roll out the same software with 40 - 50 different CID's.

  • I think what you are looking for is a 'managed variable'


    Variable Manager allows administrators to create short, easy-to-remember names that contain long, difficult-to-remember directory paths and commands. Use variables in the Procedure Editor with this syntax <VariableName>. Assign the same variable name different values for each group ID.

    - Agent Procedures - Schedule / Create - Manage Variables button

    Create you new 'CID' variable and apply to the different customers/machine groups.

    Edit the Procedure to add the CID=<cidvariablename>

    You could then just schedule the procedure to run on any customer and it will pick the correct CID variable you have set for those machines.

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