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ISO Mount and run

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I am trying to make a procedure that will download,  mount and run an ISO. I have figured out how to get it download and mount the ISO but here is where i am running into the issue.  I will not know the drive letter of the mounted ISO.  any idea if there is a variable / wildcard i can use to look for it so i can put that in place of the drive letter so that I can start the install.

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  • You can mount the iso, and get the drive letter in a one line powershell command. Geeked

    (executePowershell, Return results to variable #global.psresult#)

    Mount-DiskImage #ISOPath# -PassThru | Get-Volume | select -ExpandProperty DriveLetter

  • So how would you intergrate that result into an agent procedure to start the exe that is on the ISO

  • the variable #global.psresult# contains the drive letter of the mounted iso




    In my screenshot example, #global.psresult# would be "F"