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Uninstall Continuum Agent

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Wondering if anyone knows how to script to uninstall the Continuum Agent.

We used the Prompt Uninstall Program from Automation Exchange but did not work good.

Sure someone that migrated from Continuum to Kaseya must have done this already.

Let me know, thank you. 

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  • I have zero experience with Continuum/ITSupport247 other than I have written a report to detect if it is installed, however if I was in your shoes I would try the following;

    - If you still have access to the Web portal Continuum/ITSupport247 or management console, use it to uninstall the agent from the machines, or if it has a script to uninstall the agent see if the commands can be adapted to work with Kaseya's agent procedures.

    - I googled for uninstall commands but could not find anything that was of use, if you can look at an installed agent, specifically the path and the uninstall details and compare it with the procedure you found on the automation exchange, you might be able fix it/make it work for you.

    - If you have a copy of the Continuum/ITSupport247 Agent installer it might be possible to use it to uninstall agents.

    - A little known trick is that sometimes installers have the ability to uninstall the software it is meant to install, this is useful for when you need re-install or do a clean upgrade. Try running the Agent installer on a test machine with /? or do an online search for the install switches.

    If it is an MSI setup file then you are in luck and you try the following;

    msiexec.exe [PATH]\[Setup file name] /x


    msiexec.exe [PATH]\[Setup file name] /uninstall

    if one of those work, you will need to make it silent try add one of these switches to the command:

    /quiet, /q, qn

    - Contact Continuum/ITSupport247's Support and ask them for the uninstall command or a batch file that will uninstall it for you.

    If you do manage to get it uninstalled feel free to share your experience and solution in the forums for the next guy in your shoes. :)

  • @ocarmona not sure on the latest release, there was a command that used to work.

    This was:

    C:\PROGRA~2\SAAZOD\Uninstall\uninstall.exe /silent /U:C:\PROGRA~2\SAAZOD\Uninstall\uninstall.xml

  • So just to let you guys how we went about:

    - We filtered all the machines that had Kaseya Installed in continuum (they had improved filtering so we were able to do this)

    - We installed Kaseya on missing machines

    - Unintalled continuum through their own interface.

    This was the easiest for us.