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kaseya agentMon in "Stopping" mode

  • Does somebody has a solution for this ?

    It happens more and more that the  kaseya Service is "Stopping"

    first have to to kill agantMon, before we can start the service again !!

  • Good Morning,

    - Have you checked the 'Startup type' of the service to ensure it is set to automatic?

    - Any third-party AV on the system itself?

  • It's not always happening on the same system at clients' site and only on 1 system.

    not all at the same time.

  • Check if there is a newer version of the agent out and upgrade it if required.

  • we just migrated to 6.5

  • If this is the case you will need to update the agents, they don't auto update after the upgrade.

    Agent - Upgrade Version - Update Agent

  • I've seen this on Windows 2000 boxes on occasion on 6.3.  I would say that 15% of the time, an Update Agent won't fully complete, and the machine will drop offline.  Only a reboot, manual Agent uninstall & reinstall will fix the issue... but again... 6.3 only (read on).

    I have not seen this on anything above Windows 2000 when attempting an Agent update on 6.3.

    Bear in mind--attempting to Agent > Upgrade Version > Update Agent in 6.5 will not work in Windows 2000, per the release notes

    • [AM-842] - Windows Server 2000 is no longer supported by the Kaseya agent. Agents installed on existing Windows Server 2000 machines cannot be upgraded to agent version 6.5

    I'm actually very happy that Kaseya made this decision.  Even the "extended support" window for Windows 2000 was dead back in 2010.

    Neal Edgeworth
    they don't auto update after the upgrade

    Which is 100% true... just remember, before you get too frisky and decide to "Update Agent" all at once, this takes a big toll on the server.  Kaseya recommends that you don't try this on more than 100 machines at a time which (if interpreted with some liberties taken) means that you should distribute out your Agent updates over at least a couple/few days (depending on your Agent count, speed of your Internet connection, etc.).

    Whenever I upgrade my VSA and once I'm happy with performance for a day or two, I usually do Agent updates on servers first, distributed over a couple days, followed by workstations, distributed over the next week or so.

  • ok, thks for the info