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Stolen Laptop

  • We had a laptop stolen over night. Have been trying to find the scripts that were once posted about stolen laptops but not having any luck. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

  • SteveC, I'll get with you directly on Monday if that works. Please check the top of your community screen for my contact request.

  • Set email alert when this agent goes online and you can grab public IP to track it.

  • Thanks to Ben for a quick response and for the help with the scripts. @Ravjeev...the thief appears to be smart enough to format the computer first before putting back on line.

  • You can make all sorts of stuff in a procedure that runs whenever a stolen computer checks in to the VSA again.

    For instance if the computer has a webcam you can have it take a instant photo when logging on and upload it to the agent documents, create a ticket or email someone and alert about that the procedure has been run and present you with current ip connection gateway.

    However in our cases with stolen computers the machines have never ever checked in again. Seems like formatting the computer is whats beeing done in most cases.

  • Hi Ben,

    We are dealing with two stolen Macbooks, one 10.8.2 and the other 10.7, we are trying to monitor them with the built-in scripts but the existing mac scripts seem to be outdated. We are looking to capture from the webcam, as well as screenshots and keylogging. Can you get in touch with me and share the updated scripts?

    Thanks much.

  • Hi RDWing,

    Accept my friend request on the community here and I'll work with you on them. If they are checking in you will be able to get everything you need :)

  • We've got a customer who had 4 laptops stolen last night and they would like us to wipe them if they happen to check in.  Is a simple format in a procedure the best way to handle this?  Of course we'll grab the Connection Gateway from the agent to report to the police in case they can track it but they are most worried about protecting confidential data that may be on them.  Any advice would be appreciated (Ben?)

  • @Jilderton...Ben has some excellent tools and advice that can help you. The one we had stolen never checked in but the thief was caught and we got the laptop back. Good Luck!

  • When I was at the Kaseya Connect 2013, I belive I saw Chad Gniffke(?) demonstrate a procedure that wiped the entire drives. Or at least made it impossible to access the data.

    If you read this perhaps you could share the script. :)

    @SteveC - tell us all about it! :) How did you catch the thief?

  • The Police arrested the fence that the thief "sold" the laptop to. Turns out all kinds of personal info about the kid that stole it was on the laptop. Doh!

  • jilderton, just sent you a direct message to see if we can link up this afternoon.

  • Ben contacted me directly and will be helping me this afternoon, I'll let everyone know the outcome and thanks for the info.

  • Hi - I just wanted to chime in here. I met with Ben a few months ago with a similar situation. With his help, we were able to obtain enough evidence for the police to make an arrest, and the laptop was recovered from the thief's residence.

    I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor.

  • Ben has us all set - if these PCs come back online we now have all the tools to combat the thief and protect our customer.  Thanks again and I'll be sure to post any results we get from it.