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Script creation help

  • Hi,


    I need to be able to create a script so i can copy all files from the internal backup drive to the external backup, any ideas

  • I would recommend using a BATCH script to accomplish this. You could do an xcopy transfer with the BATCH file and then run a procedure to start the BATCH file. That is how we have done it in the past.

  • here is part of a backup batch file that i have used in the past which is very simple which i have edited to what i think you should use.

    @echo off

    :: variables

    set drive=G:\

    set backupcmd=xcopy /s /c /d /e /h /i /r /y

    echo Backing up Files...

    %backupcmd% "...source directory..." "%drive%\...destination dir..."


    So all you need to do is set your backup drive and edit the source and destination dir (if you want a particular folder for the backup files.

    you may want to test that Kaseya will run the batch file without any problems.

    This is very handy with the switch commands so it will only replace what has changed so the backup process does not take too long.

    any questions more than happy to help


  • How would i get kaseya to run this

  • if you have made the batch file you should be able to double click the file and it runs to test you have made the batch file correctly. If it works they way you want it then you can make a procedure that runs the batch file at a given time.

  • "If it works they way you want it then you can make a procedure that runs the batch file at a given time"

    this is what i would like to know?

  • how do i create the procedure to run in itcenter in kaseya

  • if the agent procedures in itcenter are the same as K2 then it is extremely easy to setup a procedure.

    create a new procedure

    new step - name it what ever you like

    new step - execute file (point to batch file you have created)

    very simple if you want to add more to the procedure i would look at some of the other procedures you have to get ideas.

  • hi again sorry you also need to copy the batch file from your server to local machine to be able to run it, for this it maybe best if you have some scripts setup to copy files from your server to copy those steps but change what it is copying

  • I recomend Robocopy over Xcopy. It's more robust as the name implies. Check it out: technet.microsoft.com/.../cc733145%28WS.10%29.aspx

  • have a look in this FTPSYNC can synchronize just running a command line.

    you enter all parameters in an INI file on the source server, passwords are encrypted

    the free release works fine, but has some limtiations.