Hey guys,

I'm kinda new to the Kaseya field and I'm looking into doing some SNMP monitoring for some of our clients. I wanted to know if anybody's already made SNMP Monitor sets for a Riverbed Steelhead 1050-M, or a Cisco 5510 Firewall.

I'm not too knowledgable about SNMP, and the difficulty is that there's not much info out there about the different MIB objects and what their raw values mean. Most vendors seem to expect you to only use their network management software to handle that for you. For example, one of the objects I found through Kaseya's SNMP Quick Sets on the Riverbed device was ssCpuIdle. There's no description on it, but normally, I'd assume this would give a percentage of CPU that was not being used. Instead, it gives out numbers that range from -0.029412 to 0.058824, which doesn't give me any frame of reference. There's also memAvailReal, which bounces between about 20000-40000, but I don't know if they're talking about kilobytes of RAM, megabytes of RAM, or if they're even talking about RAM! lol.

Any help you guys can provide me would be great.

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