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Event Log Monitoring

  • I have set-up two Event Log monitoring sets for Backup Exec which work perfectly by simply filtering through the Event.IDs, for example Failed or Error automatically log a ticket in Kaseya to be actioned.

    Symantec System Recovery is another beast though as all events are logged as Event.ID 100 so to get round this I have created a Failed & Success set again, both of which filter for Event logged from source "Backup Exec System Recovery" then in the description field they filter for the success of failure codes which are in the Event Description!

    However say for example I filter in the Success set to ignore "*E7D10041:*" (a failure error code), then in the Fail set I filter to ignore "*6C8F1F89:*" a success code, Kaseya will ignore both codes in both sets.

    Obviously I could just configure it to log everything from System Recovery however it is then going to log a call for every event listed (or none), I want a ticket raised and email sent if there is a failure, whereas if there is a success I just want an email notification!

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  • Just in case anyone else encounters this issue...

    Support have since confirmed to me that IGNORING any Event Log entries will mean that gets ignored for all monitor sets not just the one it is Ignored in!

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