Hi everybody!

in last days we worked on creating a custom report for ours customer we had deployed kaseya: in the report section - executive summary is it possible to add custom system activity for reporting the daily or montly activities executed throw kaseya: computers clenup, drivers defragging, and so on..

By ours customer we had deployed an antivirus program wich tracks virus or malwares found and writes on application log in event viewer. So we had created some special event logs sets in kaseya that track these events.

Now we would add this kind of event in ours report but we found some error: if I create a single system activity table in wich i have to use many different search filter this does not work; if I use one of them it's works...

What kind of separator should I use? (I've tried with commas, semicolons, colons, spaces)

I've attached a thumbnail picture
Could you help me please?

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