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  • The debate I've been having with myself and the rest of my team is what should we be monitoring on workstations? We've got servers down pat because it's easy to watch events from Dell OpenManage and HP Insight Manager. We know most of what gets generated by those programs are going to be actual action items to be concerned about.

    With the workstations, we started with just performance monitoring / alerting, but we found that this causes too much white noise. Are there programs out there like OpenManage / Insight Manager that Dell / HP makes for their workstations that can be installed? I figured alarming on every error/warning that comes off of a workstation would cause too much white noise and clutter up our dashboard.


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  • This is what i would think needs monitoring in a managed environment.

    * Hard Disk Space
    * Memory Status
    * Programs installed, and those changed
    * Anti Virus pattern files/updates
    * Anti Virus warnings, alerts or errors
    * Patch Status/Security Updates
    * Hard Drive Defragmentation Status.
    * Hard Drive health (scandisk check)
    * CPU usage
    * Temporary File status, size, time since cleared etc (inc Internet History)
    * Anti Spyware Status, time since last scan, definitions, updates etc
    * Event Log Errors ( Filtered of course with those excluded that are not of conern)

    There are probably others, but this is what springs to mind straight away.

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