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Alarm for machine going offline/agent not checking in?

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Hey guys,

I need to make an alarm/e-mail alert when a Kaseya agent can't check in, or if the machine simply goes offline.

How do I do this?

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  • Monitor Tab / Alerts / Agent Status - Offline for X mins then Do Email / Alert / Run Script....

  • Thanks so much man!

  • Now for the kicker, does anyone know how to turn that alert off programmatically when the agent checks back in?  (Like after a long weekend of being turned off.)

  • probably could be done via SQL  - so a SQL job looks at agent guid and if agent guid last checkin time is more recent than the Alarm creation date / time then close alarm - I assume the Agent guid is listed in the alarm table somewhere.

    You could have the job run every few minutes or every hour whatever...

    I know there is API information that allows you to close alarms we are testing it at the moment - what we were trying to do was if event occurs (whatever it is ) pass the alarm ID to a script then run the script on a machine that would effectively pass the alarm ID in a pre built API page which would close the Alarm.

    So for example if a service stops take alarm ID go down to machine check if the service is still stopped if it is started then pass alarm ID to api to close it otherwise do nothign as it needs attention. (Service is just an example here)

  • This not a function currently available in Kaseya without using work arounds,

    I also requested the ability to turnoff or change the alert Icon color when an issue has been resolved (say for when the agent comes back online) but they indicated that its not something they intend to do.

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  • Thanks for the info, at current I've requested some assistance from Kaseya support in writing the script as I don't want to mess up the Kaseya DB.

    I'll keep you posted.

  • would the alarm suppression feature do that?

    located in Monitor tab, towards the top

  • Let me qualify this answer by saying that I am an IT Center user, and this response may or may not apply to this situation. (grin)

    Go into the Operations Center.

    On left, choose Monitor

    Under Monitor, look for Agent Monitoring. Choose Alerts.

    In the frame, next to Select Alert Function, change the drop down menu from Summary to Agent Status

    In top gray box, check the Create Alarm

    Optionally, check the Email Recipients

    In bottom grey box check Agent has not checked in for and put a number of minutes in that box. optionally enter a value in the Rearm alert after to be constantly alerted at this interval.

    I usually check the Alert when agent goes online option also.

    Then choose your agent names below that and click the "Apply" button.

    The server will send out the alerts when the agent can't reach the server for whatever reason. This alert doesn't require the agent to be running, this logic is handled by the server.


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  • In Kaseya go to Monitor > Agent Monitoring > Alerts > Select Alert Function: Agent Status

    In there you can configure the defined time-outs before a ticket, alert or e-mail is sent.