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Monitoring Automatic Services

  • Wondering how everyone monitors services on their servers, I just have a single monitor set to restart all automatic services

    Service Description Attempts Restart interval Re-arm after
    Edit counter monitor Delete counter monitor *ALL   5 2 min 12 hrs

    I do this as because I have 80+ servers from 40 different clients and it is not feasible to keep track of all the one-off services that are installed. The issue I have is that I am getting alot alerts all the time from delayed automatic services, services that stop automatically cause they have nothing to do and services that do not exist. I have an update list by scan scheduled to run every day but this seems really flakey to me aswell as doesn't seem to pick up services that have been uninstalled or aren't there.


  • I think you need to 'personalize' each server with its monitor set. Since I think none of the installed servers are the same, the monitoring sets applied could not be the same either.

    So would suggest you'd setup monitoring for each server. This takes a while to setup, but take the advantage afterwards....

    By the way; some basic monitorsets could be applied to all machines at one time, like CPU/RAM/free disk monitoring....

  • fitsteven:

    here are  a few ways I've done this in the past:

    in your script download from Kaseya there's a script that will scan all the services running on a box and tell you all your file servers, sbs boxes, sharepiont, etc......

    I recommend building out mon-sets to monitor for services you're supporting. So scan your servers and see what you've got

    if there's a sql, build a set for sql and apply it to all sql boxes.

    The other way (which cost some extra money) is to sign up for KITS.

    Here kaseya will monitor your servers with mon-sets already built, and will call / email/ text you or all of the above when Critical alerts are present.

    I use a mix of both, and find pro's and con's to both.

    doing it myself = pro = cheap, exactly what I'm looking for, easy to change

                                 CON = takes time, lot's of testing

    KIT's = Pro = fast, easy

               CON - cost money, Kits likes to prioritize things differently so you could get a lot of calls for page file errors, once you work with Kits on what you want set for low medium and high they reset it every 3 months when they refresh their monitor settings.