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Monitoring Event Logs without creating an Alert

  • Just wondered if there is any way to monitoring Event Logs without counting against your Exec Summary Network Health Score

    I have some software that generates event log entries that I need to monitor which includes successful events, I want to be able to monitor and report this but I don't want to create alerts.

  • Well you can edit the weightings of each of the parts of event logs scores.  So if you wanted events to appear in the Exec summary, but not to effect the Heath score change the weighting to 0. Or you can increase the priority of the others so the event logs are a minor part of the health scoring of the systems.

  • Had a thought about it and I think I have an answer to my own question that should work for all monitoring.

    You have 4 options;

    - Create Alarm

    - Create Ticket

    - Run Script

    - Email Recipients

    As you can track when script have run I could use the Run Script and select a very basic script that enters a Script/Procedure log entry. You would also need to separate your monitor set objects out so that the positive and negative alerts have their own sets  

    The end result is no Alerts have been raised for positive Eventlog entries but I can still monitor and report on how often they occur :)