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MIB question

  • Hello,

    I am pretty new to using SNMP. But through Kaseya I was able to discover the SNMP device, but having a hard time trying to obtain a MIB for a HP laserjet 2420 printer. I have been to the somix.com and mibdepot site which listed other hp printersbut not the one I am looking for, unless I am not looking correctly. I called the tech support and the tech didn't know what a MIB was. I have perused through the HP site looking for the MIB which of course was unsuccesful. Anyone out there have any clues and pointers ingettingMIBs?


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  • Hi,
    Depending on what you want to do, the functionality may already be available through the PRINTER-MIB part of the MIB-2 tree, which is based on a RFC (the number of which escapes me currently).

    A webpage I've found helpful for this has been: http://support.ipmonitor.com/mibs/PRINTER-MIB/info.aspx

    As far as I can tell, some of the functionality is already available through Kaseya (though I can't be sure as I'm using a remotely hosted one, so someone entirely unknown to me may already have added stuff).

    Be warned that HP seem to have a slightly unusual view on how this works, specifically regarding ink levels (though as that's all I've looked at thus far, that is by no means an exclusive list).


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