We have an SNMP-enabled device for VPNs that we setup monitoring for. We set it up when our SNMP agent discovered the device on it's lan watch scan. We then created an SNMP monitoring set for that device and it runs fine for a day or so, collecting data and alerting when it should be. Then, another day or so later we will be looking at the SNMP monitored devices and the device in question has disappeared. It has been replaced by a workstation with an agent installed because the SNMP device is gone from the list. A regular windows workstation with an agent shows up in its place with the snmp monitor set applied to it instead of the snmp device that we configured. Nobody touched anything and it has happened multiple times now. The only pattern is the snmp device. Different agent-enabled workstations replace it, with different IPs. Anyone seen anything similar to this? Thanks.

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