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Base Server Performance Monitor Sets

  • I have a two part problem of sorts. Quick Description of situation is that we set a Base Server Performance Monitor Set on our servers for our customers. We like to run reports on this to do troubleshooting and to keep the customers informed on there server status. These are pretty much all DC and Exchange Servers

    My first problem is that if a Server gets so many alerts within a certain amount of time the kserver shuts off the Base Server Performance Monitor Set and it will only start monitoring again if I go in and re-configure the Base Server Performance Monitor Set on that server. This is confirmed by Kaseya Support and the option I was given was to setup an alert(It's event ID5000)to e-mail me when this happens so I can re-configure the monitor set on that server. Anyone else have run into this problem and maybe have a better way of getting around it?

    My second problem is when we run these reports on the Base Server Performance we can only look at the last day because it's interval is set to every minute and kserver will only hold so many. We can stretch the interval out to 30 minuts or what not but then we miss critical time and the distortion on it is to great. Has anyone found away around this yet that works better?

    Any help would be highly apprectiated! Thanks!

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  • For reporting/graphing purposes.... Create a copy of the monitor set used and stretch the interval to like an hour or more. Then run your report against the second monitor set you made. For exampleI have a Base Server Performance that I alert on which gathers every 5 minutes or so...... then I have one that is called "Report Base Server Performance" which gathers every hour whichI do not alert on. Both Sets are applied to all machines that I want to report on. Hope that helps.


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