Ok so here's a great idea... we get so tied into monitoring servers all the time that we tend to forget about the little workstations.. and there is so much value in monitoring things like memory or cpu issues. For example: say you always get a help desk ticket saying that my computer is slow, and thats the extent of it lol. Wouldn't it be nice to know that the computer is always slow at 10 PM at night? or even if it is slow because of some random application that was not written right?

Another funny example is I have been using this on my own system and monitoring my family group computers, I was getting hit all of a sudden with alerts that were coming in and I had no idea why or what. Well I wrote a script to run after the alert (located in the Self Healing Topic) guess what I found (i am so dumb I should have realized) My grandmothers machine was running Hoyle.exe and causing the CPU to sky rocket for hours.. she was playing the Hoyle Games suite.. Great App !!

So again like all the other Samples use with care. If you get to many alerts change the thresholds.

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