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  • I have been using the monitoring sets on our environment. What I have been finding is that the reports are very inconsistent and am wondering if anyone else is having problems with these reports and monitoring.

    Here is what is happening for me. I can run a report lets say on 8 servers. This is for the base server monitoring set. I tell it I want the report for the last 5 days. What I get back is that some items will only show data for the last couple of hours, other items will show data for a day or two and some items will show no data at all. Now to frustrate things even more, the amount of data is not the same across all of the servers, one server does not show the same amount of data as another server does, and some servers just show no data at all.

    Is it just me or are other people having this same problem?

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  • I have seen the same results. Even though you can specify a sample rate, results are not always sampled:

    SNMP monitoring is even worse. You cannot specify a sample rate and the results are not sampled consistent at all:

    Inall the 'big' monitoring solutions you can specify the sample rate of every 'sensor' and results are very consistent.

    In my opinion, monitoring is a must have feature and it is very nice to have it in Kaseya. However, more development effort should be put into it, in order to make it succesfull.

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