As we get started with the new monitoring piece... the way we figured it would work best is to be alerted to all alarms and warnings. For those events we workedto resolution, we would not get future alarms.For events we foundto be inconsequential, we couldfilter (ignore).

I have enabled the "All Events" event set for all managed agents to alarm on all errors and warnings across the board. This set says that any error or warning in any of the event logs (app, sec, sys)... alarm.

My question is, if I create another event set, say "Print Events" and I tell it to ignore a specific event:

Source: Print, Event ID: 20, Description: *Printer Driver*was added or updated*

so I am not alarmed/alerted everytime a terminal server/citrix printer mapping occurs, why am I still getting these alarms?

I know I have an event set that says "Alarm on all errors" and another one that says "Ignore this error"... how does Kaseya "resolve" overlapping event set instructions?


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