So we're trying to take advantage of the new Linux monitor, which is great from a remote control standpoint, but seems that monitoring is still lacking. Yes, we can use Agent Status for server up/down monitoring, and running a "update monitor set by scan" has returned some running services that we can add (not all though). I just don't see a way to monitor disk space, processes, and other performance counters and the current monitor sets seem to be Windows-driven. Support just told me to use KNM, but that won't work for us. In our case, we implement a "special" Linux box into environments that we otherwise don't manage, so they aren't going to let us deploy a Windows probe server on the same subnet, so KNM is not an option. Plus, isn't KNM supposed to be used for agentless devices? I'm really confused and seem to still be pretty limited with this new improved Linux agent. How are others doing this? Different RMM product?