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Dashboard like Live Counter

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I have a simple task, set up a dashboard to view the CPU and Memory usage plus if possible network throughput.  For the CPU and Memory utilization I grabbed the UPSTREAM - BASIC - Performance - CPU Total Usage - Servers ENG and the UPSTREAM - BASIC - Performance - Memory Usage - Servers ENG.  I'm just trying to create a dashboard that'll show the live data for these.  This is all to just keep an eye on 3 servers as more and more users log in to work while on the server so live data is more than I need than notifications when the thresholds get passed.

Reading the Monitoring documentation nothing in there seems to do what I want.  It's like all of the Dashboard options just ignore the monitor sets you have and try to funnel you into presets.

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  • Hi Trevor,

    At MSP Assist we have what you're looking for (i think...) - if you want to email steve@mspassist.com, happy to organise a call to discuss