We've created a ticket on the support desk but we can't seem to find a solution. 

Support says that there is: 

logman.exe create counter KCTR$9997  -c "\SQLServer:Databases(_Total)\Data File(s) Size (KB)" -si 240  -o C:\kworking\klogs\KLOG$9997 -f csv --v
logman KCTR$9997 /start

logman.exe create counter KCTR$9998  -c "\SQLServer:Databases(_Total)\Log File(s) Size (KB)" -si 240  -o C:\kworking\klogs\KLOG$9998 -f csv --v
logman KCTR$9998 /start

No data was writing to the .csv files.

So the problem is that there is no data written to the .csv files. How can we solve this? Does anybody has a suggestion?

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