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Automatically add monitor set to all new PCs

  • Do I have to add the monitor set to each PC individually or is there a way to add it when the PC first joins Kaseya VSA?

  • If you were to set the monitor set and apply it via a policy either Globally to a specific view/group of endpoints you would be applying it to all devices that would exist in your environment if the variables would be met.

    For example, create a view for devices that checked in for the first time in the last hour or so and apply a policy to this view for your monitor set would apply it only to those devices that just checked in.

    But if the monitor set needs to be applied to all existing and future items it seems more like it would just be a global policy and apply to all endpoints.  

  • this can be automated by creating a policy from "Policy Management"

  • Policy management is similar to a GPO approach to Kaseya.  I strongly suggest if you are not using policy management in the VSA, please do so.  This helps automate and standardize your agents and organizations.

  • Correct, I am using policy management since it was introduced. So many processes which include monitors, alerts, audits etc. I have deployed through policy management and all work great.

    Let me know if you need any help with it.

  • I figured it out.  Still learning, but got it deployed in there.

  • Our solution uses a combination of methods to automatically apply (or remove) monitor sets based on what we detect each day.

    We developed an audit tool that examines each agent daily, identifies over 130 roles, features, applications, and services, and pulls that information back to the agent. The tool is easily customized to add new apps or services. The "Policy Control" views apply based on the detected information to apply specific monitor sets (not to mention run daily maintenance, configure and schedule patching, and pretty much every other agent configuration setting).

    What we also provide are the controls to not apply this to "unmanaged" (break/fix) customers, or to easily override specific monitors or even entire classes of monitors with simple procedures or override policies.

    The end result of a well-designed set of monitors, tools, views, and policies is a VSA that requires very little (if any) manual administration. My weekly VSA checks take me less than 10 minutes.