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  • I'm very new to Kaseya, so forgive my ignorance =]. I joined a company that has been using Kaseya for a while now, but most of the previous Kaseya admins we had on staff have either left or been reassigned elsewhere. So, now I'm getting to fill the role. Anyway, I'm interested in utilizing KNM. From what I've read so far, it appears that you need to discover a network with the monitor network option checked. My question is, previously we had done discovery through Domain Watch. That being said, I just want to make sure I do not mess anything up by running the LAN Watch as well when everything has already been discovered via Domain. If anyone has any information or insight, I'd greatly appreciate it! Also, just for FYI below is our VSA patch level and version.

    Patch Level

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  • Hi  

    Domain Watch and LAN Watch are completely separate technologies.

    One is leveraging a network scanning tool (NMAP) the other uses LDAP.

    There could be some conflicts depending on what functionality is being leveraged in Domain Watch and what you plan on using in LAN Watch.

    Off the top of my head, I would just be careful with trying to deploy agents using both functionalities to the same agent, it may cause them to jump around in different groups amongst other things.

  • Nicolas,

    First thanks for the response. Outside of KNM, are you aware of any other differences in functionality that LAN Watch would provide as opposed to Domain Watch?


    Not a problem, LAN Watch provides completely different functionality. 

    It provides the ability to Scan, Monitor, and Deploy Agents across the network(s).

    This comes into play with Network Monitor ( KNM) which requires networks created to monitor. Therefore, you MUST use LAN Watch by Network to leverage KNM.

    Domain Watch will provide the ability to scan and manage Domain-based environments.

    Depending if you have the Directory Services Feature Set, you will have the ability to manage Domain Users, install agents on Domain Members, create VSA Users/Staff Records based on AD records.

    You cannot use Domain Watch if no domain exists.

    They don't necessarily tie into each other (Domain Watch vs. LAN Watch), but could possibly step on their toes if they are BOTH trying to deploy Kaseya Agents to the same devices.

    If you want to start using LAN Watch and you are currently using Domain Watch to deploy Agents, I would just recommend not to configure an Agent Deployment Policy within the Network's you configure.

    Let me know if that clears things up.

  • We use KNM extensively. One recommendation that was given to us and we follow to the letter is to disable Auto Harvesting in Discovery (if it's still present on your version). I also avoid scheduled scans Discovery other than when onboarding a new client. We use KNM primarily for server monitoring, so those tend not to appear on the network that unexpectedly!

    We use KNM for Operational Availability alerting (is the server or network service properly responding to queries?) and for performance tracking and alerting. Coupled with our Service Desk, we can get OA alerts all the time and performance alerts ranging from never, just business hours, specific hours/days, or always. That's been a lifesaver in terms of monitoring performance when the customer is using the machine but not after hours when app closings and backups are being done.