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Monitoring generated Service ALARM. What that means?

  • I'm receiving this error below 2 or 3 times a day, every day.

    How can I learn what is it, and how to fix it?

    Monitoring generated Service ALARM at 7:54:18 am 15-Aug-16 on Dell-pc.base.whi

    SNMP Device: N/A
    Monitor Set: AV - Microsoft SE-FEP Services {Severity3}
    Type: Service
    Log Object Name: MsMpSvc
    Agent Alarm Time: 7:54:18 am 15-Aug-16
    Event Time: 10:54:18 am 15-Aug-16 UTC
    Log Value: Service Does Not Exist
    Alarm Operator: N/A
    Alarm Threshold: N/A 
    Alarm Duration: N/A
    Ticket ID: no ticket assigned

  • It means you have a monitor set monitoring for Service "MsMpSvc"  .. but that service does not exist on the server/WKS being Monitored

    So 2 things to do/check/ or change

    1) Find the Monitor Set and ensure the "Enable Match" check box is ticked

    2) Run an update List By Scan on the machine you keep getting this alert from and then check in the Monitor Log to see if the Service "MsMpSvc" has gone from the list of services monitored


  • Worked for me thanks