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Event Log Monitoring and Wildcards

  • In the Event Log Monitor is it possible to use multiple wild cards in the Description Field? For example, if the Description is:

    *Failed*could not be*

    Would this event log description generate a match?

    "The backup failed. The device could not be found."

  • Hi  

    Both should work, one being more specific than the other. You should be able to use multiple wildcards.

  • Thank you. I suspected as much but appreciate the followup.

  • Some of the little things we take for granted, I guess... certain competitors don't even have this feature yet: aemcommunity.autotask.com/.../wildcards-in-event-log-monitoring

  • Thanks, Brian. I can well imagine the consternation over there for the lack of wildcards. I'm very glad that it's well implemented here.