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Monitoring network interfaces via Kaseya Core SNMP Monitoring

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Was wondering if anybody has successfully been able to monitor network interfaces for switches and firewalls using the core Kaseya monitoring?

I have been holding off on doing this for sometime because of KNM being released, however since changes to remote control is preventing me from upgrading I'm forced to look at it again in the core monitoring.

I have noticed that all of the ones I tried of the supplied SNMP monitor sets and those created using Vendor supplied mibs seem to have "Monitor not responding" errors for network interface objects normally used to monitor data rates and errors.

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  • I've quit trying to use Kasyea as Network monitoring. We're essentially using Cacti for the networks we care to monitor. It runs on a linux box so no licenses and we just spin up a small vm for it. If you wanted to get creative you could redistribute a setup on a Raspberry-Pi . If you use cactiez it's fairly simple process to setup. But to answer your question, no I was never able to get core snmp to work right. I've had some success with KNM but it was just easier to use cacti to solve the problem.