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Monitoring APC UPS units with SNMP

  • Hi all,

    Does anyone has the experience with monitoring APC UPSs with Kaseya? What is the best approach? Should I use the KNM or simply 'Monitor' module for that? It would be nice if someone would share some existing Monitor Set templates for SNMP monitor sets related with APC devices.. Can I ask - is the SNMPv3 is enabled in the Kaseya?

  • AP Template - APC SMART-UPS 3000.xml

    Your best bet is probably going to be KNM... and yes, SNMPv3 is supported by The Kaseya. See below and attached for an example monitoring template.

  • Great thanks for that! That will be very useful. Can I ask are you using the on premise/stand alone Kaseya VSA or the web/cloud version? Because for some reason after I do the Discovery the assets are not shown for me in the KNM.. I'm using the web/cloud version of the VSA.

  • We are on premise - and I see similar behavior occasionally. Make sure you have your new network/ subnet defined in Discovery, and then re-run the discovery process. From my experience... it takes a while to finish the deep scan and move the results into KNM.

  • Hey Kerry,

    great, just applied it to one of our clients...


  • Hey Kerry,

    quick question : did you create this set yourself ?


  • Remember to enable SNMP on the SNMP tab of the Discovery scan, and fill our the community string (ie. public).   Discovery will not return any SNMP devices without it.

  • Hi  

    I would recommend you submit a support ticket for this specific issue.

    Devices should appear in KNM if they are present in the Discovery: Networks > Discovered Devices : Grid View Page.

    The only reason they should 'disappear' is if you delete them from this page.

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  • Bringing this to the top of discussion. I need to know if the APC will allow SNMP Set Commands? Does this open up my APC for remote management?