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Policy Management - Assigned Machines

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hi all,

I am trying to use the policy management to create a policy and assign it to machines to simplify the process of assign our default config onto machines.
that said, I have created a policy and when I go to policy management> configure>Policies, and view assigned machines, I see that I have machines assigned.
yet when I go to policy management>assignment>machines, I do not see any machines.
same when I go to Policy management>Summary>Dashboard.

Any one have any ideas or able to provide some thoughts?

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  • Hi Leeroy,

    I think your problem is with the view you are using. Change to All Machine Groups and No View and see what comes up. The Dashboard and Assignment > Machines pages are dependent on the view, whereas pages such as Configure and Orgs / Machine groups are not.

  • Leeroy,

    I have one thought.  Are your policies your assigning yellow or white?  They need to be white.  White means deployed.  You can deploy them by right clicking the policy under policies and selecting apply policy.