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Event Log Monitoring Windows Server Backups

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Good morning,

we are trying to implement a procedure in Kaseya that will customize handling of the above events

Essentially we need a system that will create a ticket when a backup failure occurs on one of our managed servers. So far so good.

We don't however wish to escalate a backup failure ticket unless a second failure notification is received within a 24-26 hour period. To accomplish this we need a means of interrogating the ticket queue for jobs sourced from the same machine id with a backup-associated error. If received we want the original ticket to be escalated for action and the secondary ticket dropped.

Where a second ticket is not received (ie the failure is a one-off for whatever reason) in the same period the original ticket will expire.

The Deduping process comes close to what we need (but not quite). We could look at a solution using SQL but we would rather try and use the Kaseya interface.

Would anyone have any suggestions? Many thanks for you time. 

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  • Why not just set the Event Set monitoring the backup failed events to only create ticket if 2 events are seen with a 26hr period.

    I.e. when the first event is seen kaseya will wait until a second is seen within 26 hrs , if no second event is seen no ticket is created , but if a second one is seen then a ticket WILL be created.

    So you achieve pretty much the same outcome , but doing it before the tickets are created