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Create Monitoring off Agent Procedure log

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Hi Guys,

I have some machines I don't want touched by Kaseya and thus want to monitor the agent procedure log to see if any of the engineers are doing something they shouldn't. Is there some way to monitor the agent procedure log and if username maches a certain person then it can alarm and email to me?

Any thoughts



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  • Wouldn't it be easier to deny access to the agents from within Kaseya.

    Set the agents in a separate machinegroup and do not allow your 'normal' engineers access to this machine group.

  • Once your roles are assigned they work for everyone within that role. If you have to have your tech's running procedures but want to monitor that group then I'd suggest scheduling a daily report for that customer organized by scheduling tech. Other then that, if you're knowledgeable  with SQL you could  use a trigger on the table with database mail to do this as well.