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Log Parser Sets Won't trigger alarm or email

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ADGV QTRNBI have setup my log parsers in the simplist manner possible, or so I believe. I am just trying to test the parser capability in general. I had the "get the log parser working" project handed to me and it has not been working for a couple of years as I understand.

Basically here's the rundown:

I create a parser, point it to a log file, create the variable(s) &  associated with that parser and the log file content

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  • Alright I posted much more than this and for some reason it only posted this much and with strange text at the beginning.

    Let me attempt to get the rest of my post in again.

    Continuing on here's the basic format of the log parser

    Log Name: blah

    Log File Path: C:\foo\bar

    Log file Arch Path:  empty

    Desc: Blah blah Blah

    Template:    [x] multiline


    Output Template:

    Stuff is not working sir: $Message$


    Message ----> String

    Parser Set:

    Message Contains Error


    I am running Kaseya 6.2

    Parser set is configured on the machine to create an alarm and email me.

    When I make changes to the file I can see the LOGPARSER$########################## entry in the procedure history at every change and I fille the log with error messages, but alas no dice, i.e. no emails, no alarms, no ~nothing, just the procedure history entires and no error messages form kaseya that I can find either.

    any help or insight would be much appreciated.