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Hard Disk S.M.A.R.T. monitoring

  • Does anyone monitor SMART status on agent hard disks?

    I don't believe Kaseya can do this natively, so I'm looking at using the freeware smartmontools ( http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/smartmontools ) and writing some scripts to add this feature to Kaseya.

    If anyone has done any work in this area, I'd be very pleased to hear from you; this is onle of those 'basic' things K seems to be lacking.


  • I searched for SMART and found this thread here.  I haven't used the script but might be a good starting point.


  • Procedure SMART drive check.xml

    I run a script using the 'smartctl-nc.exe' out of the smartmontools package once per week on workstations, and get varying email messages based on the results (provided the results aren't "PASSED"). Feel free to play with the attached procedure (please change the email address fields!) and see if that gets you anywhere. Smile

    EDIT, Jan 2016 - Updated XML file, replacing our hard-coded email with the "admin who scheduled the script" variable. NOTE that if you use this in a policy, that variable may not behave the way you want. Test and verify and adjust as needed.

    Updated XML, added usage notes
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  • SMART.xml

    Fixed GreyDuck's script above so it will import properly into Kaseya. There were some erroneous quotation marks on lines 3 and 70. :D

  • worked perfectly thank you for sharing =)

  • Anyone running this script on PC's with UAC turned on? I can not come up with a solution. I have tried running smartctl-nc as system but this also fails to verbose any information. The only solution I have found is by turning UAC off (which i do not wish to do).

    Any ideas how to get around this?

  • Just a reminder, a couple years down the road: PLEASE change the email address!

    I say this having just received a SMART report notification from 'noreply@kaseya.com' which suggests a cloud-hosted provider has imported the script but left the alerting address as mine... :)

    (So whoever has a 'residential.ypcr' group or org, this is your cue.)

    Actually I've been tweaking the script a bit, once I work out one of the kinks I should post the updated version. Eventually.

  • This is great, thanks for posting the script.

    Do you happen to know the common reasons for the FullReport to sometimes be blank?  Have you found that to be a UAC related issue?

  • Instead of hard coding the email address, why not use a Kaseya variable?

    If you replace the to: email adress with #adminDefaults.adminEmail# then the VSA user scheduling the procedure will receive the email, automatically.

  • Craig,

    I know about the variable NOW. Back when I exported the linked XML above, I hadn't thought to start using that. And it's not like I can go back and fix the linked XML in the forum post.... :)

    ETA: Well, son of a biscuit. You CAN update posts. WELL THEN! I'll just fix that right up!

    Didn't know you can edit posts in this current forum system. Learn something new every day.
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  • Hello,

    I just came across this. I downloaded the script and tried importing it into Kaseya VSA and get the following message below. Any ideas? Is this script still legit?

    "The file you are trying to import is not formatted correctly. It contains invalid XML"


  • Sorry, neighbor... We stopped using Kaseya nearly two years ago, so I don't have any way to check the XML or generate an updated version.

  • SMason,  I know that it's been a while since this post but I just came across this the other day and would like to get this script, or an updated script (procedure) imported into Kaseya VSA and get it working. When I try to import this script, downloaded form your link here with your fixes I get the following error. Can you help?

    The file you are trying to import is not formatted correctly. It contains invalid XM