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How to monitor the CPU usage of a process and create a ticket when it reaches x%?

  • Hi,

    I need to monitor the process Mcshield.exe to open a ticket when using 25% CPU for more than 3 minutes.

    Is it possible?


  • Yes, I believe you can. Click on the help file, look for "Monitor Sets" and also look at how to "Update lists by scan". You will need to create a Monitor Set to monitor your process and then assign that monitor set to the machine(s) you wish to monitor. There's also plenty of sample monitors that can help you get started.

  • You'll need to create a monitor set based on Perfmon Counters

    So create a new Monitor Set ( or add to an existing one )

    Add the Counter Object  "Process"

    Next add the Counter "% Processor Time"

    Next add the instance "MCShield.exe"

    If you don't see the instance listed then double check the Counter Object , as there may be 2 "Process" Objects.

    Pick the second one if the 1st doesn't show you what you need in the drop down lists

    Now apply this to your server and ut will now monitor CPU % used by MCShield.exe



  • It worked perfectly.

    Thank you.

  • No problem



  • I made a monitor set to monitor CPU load, above 90% for a certain time. Now i need to know what process is doing the high CPU load, without having to look for my self. Can some one help me with that? It's not my plan to make a set for every process on a machine so thats why i made a overall monitor set.