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"Suspend Alarm" and "Unsuspend Alarm" Agent Procedure Steps: It's time for an "Official Response" from Kaseya...

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Happy Friday, everybody!  Smile

I've just submitted the ticket below to Kaseya (CS098207).  I will pass along any response I receive.  I'm determined that this will not be "Feature Requested" into oblivion... 

Good afternoon,

I'm sure this isn't the first time you've been asked this question, and it certainly won't be the last:

(there are more, I'm just lazy)

I understand that many of these folks have put in Feature Requests as early as 2010 for this same request... but here goes again:

Can Kaseya please add Agent Procedure Steps to "Suspend Alarms" and "Unsuspend Alarms?"

This would help everybody by:

1) Allowing us to suspend alarms prior to Automatic Updates, and unsuspend alarms after Automatic Updates are complete:

2) Making it easy to temporarily stop alarms if an Agent Procedure is cycling a key service

I certainly understand, if the machine is not online, that the "Suspend Alarms" and "Unsuspend Alarms" Agent Procedure Steps would have no impact (the machine needs to be online in order to run an Agent Procedure), so a site-wide alarm suspension (for an internet outage/flood/earthquake/tornado) would still have to be done manually, and that's not a problem... you could certainly mention this in the "notes" field of the Agent Procedure Step.

What I'm looking for here is an "Official Response" from Kaseya... this "Feature Request" has been in the works since 2010, and is something that many of your best customers are asking for.  Given that this request has, in the past (per forum posts above), been relegated to a sort of "Feature Request Purgatory," I'm kindly requesting a direct response (Yes/No, When) from Engineering on this issue.

And yes, this ticket (and any responses I receive) will be added to the Community Forums... fair warning :-)  We've all waited long enough...


Brian Dagan

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  • Ok, official response:

    I will create this as a custom step you can select when creating an agent procedure, possibly available as a hotfix, if two conditions are met:

    1) Brian Dagan agrees to come to the user conference and buys me a beer

    2) HardKnoX promises to put off raiding in World of Warcraft for an evening and make it out to one of our upcoming Kaseya events in Australia


  • Ok Hardknox, NZ then :)

    Since you all are such good sports I put together the custom steps this evening.

    Grab this zip file:


    Extract to your Kaseya folder. You should be asked to overwrite Subscripts.xml.

    Run a Re-Apply schema. When it finishes, go try out the new "Alarms - Suspend" and" Alarms - Unsuspend all" custom steps.

    I'll be submitting these for inclusion into 6.3 unless you guys report anything really odd with them.

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  • I agree with this! I have a similar feature request in to kaseya (CS097645), this isn't necessarily to call "Suspend alarms" from and agent procedure (although that would be good) but to assigned scheduled Suspend Alarms periods via Policy Management. I think we are after the same thing however, windows updates auto applying correctly causes tickets, alarms and all sorts of nock on events that should be able to be filtered with a suspend alarm feature.

    Let me know how you get on please, and good luck.

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  • Hi Brian and Paul

    We have developed our own way of doing this on Individual Monitor sets  and/or  Individual objects within monitor sets.

    If you interested drop me an email at paul@enfusion.co.nz so we can discuss further.

    The method we use would also allow for a simple script step to dynamically set and reset the "suspend" parameters  much the same as you suggest in your post.




  • (Joke)>> Watch out Kaseya will now release a new pay per endpoint license module called KSU to do exactly this except version 1.0 will be bugged for at least 6 months. :D

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  • Personally I think a better option would be to have the ability to suspend specific monitor sets at specific times and to have call it from an Agent Procedures. The latter would be a good start I guess. If the Suspend/Unsuspend Alarms was only available from the Patch Setting Pre and Post Procedure then we would be unable to execute other procedures that might be just as important.

    Something to note about Suspend Alarm feature is that there does not appear to be a "Suspend Monitoring System Procedure" that get gets executed against the agent itself. To see this for yourself, suspend Alarms for one of your agents and have a look at the Agent Procedures under Live Connect and you will see that no procedure executed against the agent.

    What this tells me is that when you use the Suspend Alarm feature it talks directly to the Kaseya Server and not the Agent, Kaseya Server side scripting now that would be a nice feature to give us access to. :)

  • HI HardKnoX

    As above in my previous reply .. we CAN suspend an individual monitor set , or object instance within a set.

    We Can set it to recur , or to last for only a specific period of time

    Drop me an email at paul@enfusion.co.nz and I'll get one of our dev guys to have a chat (

  • @Paul Haaker Thanks for your offer, I'm sure it can be done but it's not an inbuilt feature in Kaseya at this point in time. I'm guessing you guys execute an SQL Command via the agent procedure to enable/disable monitor Alarms and you most likely have a savvy SQL DB Admin around that had a look and figured out how it could be done.

    As a Kaseya customer paying good money for "Maintenance" and licensing I can't see why Kaseya could not just simply add this simple functionality to their product to make Brian, Paul W, myself and I'm guessing most of the rest of the Kaseya customers work a little bit easier as that is was what the this product was intended for in the first place right?! Smile

  • Good post. Thanks for writing that up.

  • I guess the other way to look at it is Kaseya is actually a Development platform from which anyone can create anything , depending on how imaginative/creative  they are.

    Whilst out of the Box Kaseya provides an enormous amount of functionality there will always be those client specific  "I wants" .. and that is were the creativeness kicks in.

    So the offer still stands as we have many many years of experience using Kaseya and just love making the product do 100% of what we need



  • I also develop new tools that I use with Kaseya that improve its functionality and given enough time I could figure out how to do much more however as a "MSP" (not a developer working for Kaseya) I don't  see the Kaseya solution as primarily a development platform but more as a tool to provide managed services to my clients because that is my job and that is what the sales people at Kaseya sold it to us as.

    Not all businesses have the time or money to develop another company's solution at their own expense, which is why we pay these fees to make sure that the solution keeps up with the times and the needs of the customers.

  • We have developed a new module called KSHK - Kaseya Stuff for HardKnox - It will only be available to community user HardKnox and will only cost $0.01 per agent, but to get the module will cost you $1 Billion USD.  (kidding of course)    Stick out tongue

    Seriously, though, I am looking into this.  

  • i agree that kaseya is a development platform. Out of the box it gives you the tools to beable to achieve anything and a few examples of what can be done.

    I also agree that it's not always possible or practical to develop everything you want so maybe drop Paul an email. I can vouch that it's been done since i've done most of the work on it. it also provides additional information in the job to speed up resolution times.

  • I think this post has gona a little off track. I agree the Kaseya is a dev platform, i've wrote and create alot of scripts, procedures and tools to intergrate with this product and Im a big fan... but part of the core API is missing here. Having to make your own hooks into the DB and tipping into monitor files is unnecessary and messy. The code exists as the GUI button/function is already there, just the ability to add it to a procedure would be nice please.

    Pretty please, thank you.

  • @Brendan Cosgrove can I have a trial of KSHK before we pay for it :P

  • HI All - I promise not to be the "ether" feature request answer man here.  Direct answer:  the functionality you request for procedures to suspend/un suspend alarms is not in 6.3.  As you have articulated, not everything that gets requested can get built, in this case, there are alot of requests for similar functionality.  Duly noted, and I can't promise but I can certainly make sure that the merits of inclusion into the next release are documented and discussed.  As an aside, the forum posts with offers to assist with other solutions is one of the primary functions of the community and thanks to those who have offered assistance.  You do have the capability to suspend and unsupsend alarms via Monitoring>>Status>>Suspend alarm either recurring or one time at the endpoint.  I know it doesn't address your issued directly, but it is a method to silience the anticipated alarms.  BTW - your graphic is excellent!


  • Kaseya claims to be a platform for everyone:

    "Kaseya is the leading global provider of IT Systems Management software. Kaseya solutions empower virtually

    everyone –– from individual consumers to large corporations and IT service providers –– to proactively monitor,

    manage and control IT assets remotely, easily and efficiently from one integrated Web-based platform."

    I don't remember our sales person telling us that we needed developers and DBAs to dig into code and queries to handle things that most other RMMs handle with ease (alert dependencies, suspend alarms on and off, suspend individual alerts).

    Looking at the quote from Kaseya above, Kaseya isn't even integrated into one web-based platform anymore.  Now we have KNM to allow us to monitor network devices because the core product can't handle that task.