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Event logging not quite working ...

  • Here's the scenario.

    In Agent -> Machine Status -> Event Log Settings, I had added the Security event log with only "Failure Audit" enabled. I was really only interested in seeing when people failed to log in. Now things have changed a little bit, so I went back in the same please, edited the Security event log setting to Success and Failure, so I can log every thing. 

    However, when I now go to Agent -> Machine Status -> Agent Logs, and pick the Domain controller, then the Security log, I get almost no new events logged at all. There's been 3 events logged in the last 30 minutes, while on the server itself, there's at least 50 in that same time period.

    So, where are all my events?

  • What other items are you monitoring for on this domain controller?

  • Have you tried ensuring a full check-in has occurred on the agent?

    The easiest way to force this is to run a script on the agent. Any script will do it. If an agent checks in and there is nothing to do, it will do a quick check-in and one of the things not always included in a quick check-in is uploading of windows logs.