I am trying to eliminate some of the manual application of SNMP sets for devices that are detected on our networks. 

For example, if someone adds a new APC device to the network and a LAN watch sees it, is it possible to have it automatically assign it to an APC device SNMP Type? 

I looked in the help documentation and it says this: 

  1. During the LAN Watch SNMP devices are automatically assigned to be monitored by SNMP sets if the SNMP device returns a value for the system.sysServices.0 MIB object that matches the SNMP type associated with those SNMP sets.

A lot of the SNMP Devices I have come across doesn't show this field (or i am looking in the wrong place). So if there isn't a system.sysservices.0 MIB object is this something That i have to add manually or has anyone out there found a way to automate this process?