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Monitor Sets.. Assigned to?

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Does anyone know of a way of finding out what monitor sets are assigned to?  i.e. Monitor set A is assigned to machines XYZ

It would just save me the time of going through each machine and removing monitor sets that are not used by anything.

I would like to be able to go to Monitoring > Monitor Sets > and just see what is assigned to what...


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  • May be you can create a report for this.

    Goto --->> info Centre >> report >> create report on monitoring.

  • Or a view.  Select the "Only show machines with monitorset assigned" option and choose the monitor set from the dropdown box.

  • what is auto learn in monitoring in kaseya?i don't really gets it roles? please someone explain to me the auto learn?

  • Go to monitoring tab, and click on the help icon ? just above the main menues and read entire stuff. Watch few training videos will also help.