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Event Log Alarm not Working

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I have an event log alarm that I have set to go off when a custom event log entry is generated. I have done this very recently without issue but it seems like this particular event just doesn't want to trigger the alarm for any of the agents. Anyone ever had a similar issue? Thanks!

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  • Verify that you are monitoring for the specific type (application, system, etc)  Also, an issue I have ran into several times previously is that you may need to reapply the event log settings, as sometimes something will 'stick' and quit alerting.

    Are all other alarms working correctly, just not this specific one?

  • I deleted the monitor all together, remade it, and tested it with no success. My event log is currently set to the Application Log set which is the one it is monitoring. Other alarms are working fine.

  • I decided to see if it would work using a different event log ID and it did (for some reason). I wonder why that particular event ID just stopped working...