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How to export all email to Log Parser

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As per the recent thread, Kaseya has no useable way to directly accept email-based alert messages.    However, the Kaseya folks did suggest that if I were to get all email to a give address output to a log file, I should be able to get the Log Parser to read and handle it.

Is anybody here doing anything like that?   Mind sharing what you use, in terms of export and parsing tools?   I'd really appreciate it!


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  • Have you found a way already ? Let me know if you do

  • I am still on K1 and there is an Email Reader option, has this been removed from K2 then?

  • @stu_u2k

    The email reader is still available on K2.

    In fact nothing has changed for the 'old' ticketing system, according to support there will be no more development for ticketing, the focus is on Service Desk.

  • It's NOT ABOUT TICKETING, it's about ALERTING!!!!

    The problem with the Email Reader option is that it is intended for (and assumes) that all email is coming from humans, and is used to create tickets.  

    If you have equipment or software that can only create and send alerts via email, this is very nearly useless, as there is no way to get Kaseya to use any of its alerting and monitoring intelligence on such email.    You need to be able to feed that email to Log Parser or such.

    And I've been completely unable to get through to any of the HUMAN intelligence at Kaseya to explain ths problem to them.   They just don't get it.

    I think I'm going to see how Labtech handles this...


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