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Backup Exec Services Monitoring

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Does anyone out there have a good way of monitoring Backup Exec services?  We restart our Backup Exec services on a daily basis, so we are looking to avoid false positives.  Is there a way that I can setup a monitor set so that it only generates an alarm/ticket/email when a service has been stopped for ten minutes?

Thanks, Ron

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  • the normal system montiors (in the monitor tab) will take care of it. just walk through the process

  • I'm still unclear on where to do this.  Is this a monitor set?  If not, can you point me in the right direction?  


  • You would create your own monitor set

    Monitor tab |> Edit > Monitor Sets

  • Right, that is where I've been trying to create it, however I am unable to set this option in the Services.  Do I need to set it in the Counters tab?  

  • its a service you want to monitor... maybe it'll be in the services tab... if you dont see it you'll need to run an update list by scan

  • I'm under the Services tab and I see how to add the service, but how do you set it so that it will not trigger an alarm until the service has been stopped for ten minutes?  Thanks again!

  • You really can't but you can set rearm times.

    You could also monitor the process like beremote.exe and have an alarm when it starts and stops. You could look at the alarms and see by the time between the Down alarm and the Up alarm if it is less than 10 minutes.

  • Here is what I use to monitor BE 2010


    Symantec Backup Exec
    Monitors the BE services and jobs. Activates alarm on service failure, failed jobs, and missed jobs. 
    Service Checks                      
    Service Description Attempts Restart interval Re-arm after                      
    BackupExecJobEngine   3 1 min 1 hrs                      
    Counter Thresholds
    Object  Counter Instance Counter Name Description CollectionOperator Collection Threshold Sample Interval Alarm Operator Alarm Threshold Duration Re-Arm Alarm Warning% Trend Activated? Trending Window Re-Arm Trending
    BE Engine Failed Jobs   BE Engine - Failed Jobs Monitors for failed jobs Over 0 12 hrs Over 0 12 hrs 1 hrs 10 No - Trending is not need... 14 days 1 hrs

    Backup Exec Missed Jobs Event Log Monitor

    Source Filter Category Filter  Event ID  User Filter  Description Filter                      
    * * 33919 * *                      


    The last part is an event log monitor that watches for missed jobs. Missed jobs cant be checked for in the counters or services so you have to watch the event logs for the event ID listed above. hope that helps