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"No Current Data" - No alert?

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Ever come across the "No Current Data" for counters?

I want to have the option to receive alerts when this happens.  Either the monitor set is not configured properly, or there is an issue with gathering the data.  Either way, I want to know!

Anyone find a way to deal with this?


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  • I've seen this before, what I did was I removed the monitors then had to manually delete all the monitor files then reapply the monitor set.  That is of course if the monitor is reporting data. What are you monitoring for?

  • I just want to know when this happens.  Seems like Kaseya could log this as an alert so we can respond.  Otherwise, it is just by chance that we happen to look and see there is no data....

  • I would very much like to see this as a feature too. All too often we're caught off guard, since we really only need to see this information when there's been a problem. It's not like we're constantly checking each PC's monitor logs.

  • Oh, then yes that would be a nice feature request.  We do daily reports so we're able to catch stuff like that within 24 hours.

  • I am surprised more users have not posted about this issue.  Today I found that one of the monitor sets somehow wasn't applied properly to some machines.

    The same monitor set is applied to multiple machines and I can re-deploy it to some where it is applied properly, and others where it is not applied properly.

    If I look at the .xml configuration on those machines for the monitor set,  it is incorrect and missing data !!!

    I am getting tired of coming across this manually while viewing monitor sets.  We shouldn't have to manually monitor our monitoring software to make sure it is working for every monitor set, alarm, and counter....maybe one of our employees can just run a query to check for all the "No Current Data" entries.

    Anyone find a way you can run a report on all machines to look for this?  I did not see a way to run it on all machines.

  • What version are you running, mine seemed to have cleared itself up with a hotfix in the the 6.0.0.x, I haven't seen it come up since my upgrade to 6.0.1

  • We were running 6.0.1.  We just upgraded to 6.1 a couple days ago.


    "We do daily reports so we're able to catch stuff like that within 24 hours."

    What type of a report do you run to catch these?


  • We run some basic reports based on the monitor logs/ monitor sets,  and it's not really "catching" them per-se, but it is the absence of information that keys us to an issue.  Sorry I should have said that in that post.