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Agent Bandwidth Monitoring

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We allow certain clients to access their machines (which we manage via kaseya) to access their machines remotely via our Portal.

However we pay for our bandwidth by the MB, so we are looking for a way to monitor usage on a per-agent/client basis.

Each of these few clients will have their own login, obviously with access only to RC for their designated machines, where both the managed machine, and the machine the clients will be connecting from, have dynamic IPs.

Does anyone know of a way (preferably within Kaseya, but possibly open to an (pref. free or Open Source) 3rd party alternative) to monitor bandwidth usage in this scenario?



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  • I have just discovered that it is possible to do some kind of AD integration with Kaseya (currently RTFMing to find out more about this), has anyone done this? Would this be a possible solution?

  • Take a look at the roadmap for Kaseya with regards to Kaseya Network Discovery (KND) module. It looks like they're using things like MRTG to graph out data (for SNMP enabled devices) and you can even get the 95th percentile. This means when KND comes out, you should be able to get bandwidth utilization that you are looking for.

  • After reading the KND release announcement, I'm not particularly confident this will help with my problem.

    Starting to look like its more hassle than its worth unfortunately.

  • I'm not sure what you're asking for here, the AD integration would have nothing to do with the network monitoring bit... It would be more for clientside access...

    If you want to pull bandwidth info per site... you may want to look into the SNMP monitoring bit for your gateway.

  • Yeah, I think the SysAdmins here sent me down the wrong path a bit with the AD suggestion.

    What we want to do is monitor the traffic going to/from the Agent, and also to/from the customer's "home" machine when they login.

    Since either/both could be on dynamic IPs, the only logical way we can see to do this is to somehow monitor based on user.

    I have had a bit of a look at SNMP monitoring, but since the incoming connection ("home" PC) needs to be monitored as well, and we cant set that IP in advance, that doesnt seem to be much use. Unless of course I'm missing something, which is perfectly likely since I'm kinda a newbie with Kaseya, I only started here a couple of months ago & got it dumped on me as the last K admin left.

    It's starting to look like using Kaseya to do this in any form is going to be way too much hassle, assuming its even possible.

  • The only way to track bandwidth usage down to the individual client PC (office-side) would be to use Flow data (netflow on Cisco, sflow on HP, etc.) and track it down to the IP/name of the PC.  I have not seen anything supporting KND having flow capabilities yet, just SNMP; this would only let you capture total bandwidth on an interface at the gateway as mentioned, not down to the individual PC level.  The only other possibility is using the network filter driver Kaseya installs for application and file access (Agent -> Protection - Network Access) but I haven't seen anything new for that module for some time now.

  • In K2 it's under Audit -> Protection - Network Access.  I haven't looked at the report since moving to K2 but once you enabel the network driver you can then run a audit report for network statistics which from the best that I remember it would give you the PC and how much bandwidth each .exe was using.  So if they are using vnc.exe you might be able to tell how much they are using.  I tried running a sample report but my reporting is not working because of credentials in the system setup, so if this is wrong sorry...

  • I had a look at this, however it seems that it only monitors traffic to/from the Agent machine.

    I'm not sure how I would use this to monitor *only* traffic that goes to/from Agent machine to the KServer, plus this wont allow me to track the traffic to/from the users "home" pc to KServer either.

    I suspect what I want to do isn't really possible without considerable investment in time/hardware/software.

  • I've had a skim though this post but I think it might be possible to generate reports using monitoring on your firewall together with possible remote control logs or similar.

    You would need to collect info from your firewall or bandwidth monitoring tool (I'm thinking websense here as it uses SQL for logging) and then you could report using the two external addresses (connecting client & endpoint) which you could get from Kaseya (1 from either RC log or System Log and 2 from the machines connection gateway)

    When you have these two addresses you could generate bandwidth usage reports.

    One thing to remember here is that you would have issues distinguishing who is using what machine behind a common gateway.