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Shared Monitoring sets missing from drop down

  • This may be a simple question, but for the life of me I cannot find the answer..

    When I go into Monitor>Edit>Monitor Sets, I can see the Kaseya Samples folder with tons of monitoring sets in them. However, if I goto Monitor>Agent Monitoring>Assign Monitoring, I cannot choose any of those sets from the drop down menu. The drop down only shows sets that are under the Private folder.

    Any ideas?


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  • I got same problem before (I am in K2). I raised a ticket to Kaseya Support. The answer is:
    The Sample Monitor Sets folder is 'owned' by the VSA system. The recommendation here is to move or copy monitor sets you are interested in using to a private or shared folder of your own creation that you can set permissions to via the Share Folder button at the top of the Monitor Sets list. This way, you are able to assign them, make changes to them and it helps to separate the monitor sets you have tested or verified as OK.

    Hope it will help you.

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