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How can we delete Old ZC monitor sets

  • We have many ZC monitor sets that should be removed from our on-prem vsa. It's just good old housekeeping procedures. An example is a monitor set for a Blackberry Server. I do not have any clients that still use blackberry let alone maintain their own bb server.

  • Hi Marc,

    Do you have access to the Master VSA account? if so you could try and remove ZC monitor sets using the master VSA account.

    The Master VSA account would have been the first account that was created when the VSA was installed and you can also identify it from the creation date as it is the only account that does not have this value.



  • Because these monitor sets are under Kaseya Samples, there is no delete option. I am a Master and still no option to delete.

  • The sample sets are harmless and don't take up any resources. I understand it's a little annoying to scroll through a long list, but really that's all there is to it. If you did manage to remove rhem, theyll just return next time you patch or reapply schema.

  • I just looked at our prod server - I have no sample monitors or views. The only samples I find anywhere are the Agent Procedures. This was after a "full reinstall" method update to .22 last night, which did reapply the schema.

    We do have the options to "reload sample ***" turned off, though.